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...and Something Blue: Bunny Elder Series

309 pages4 hours


This clean, romantic thriller asks, "What happens when childhood sweethearts reconnect in middle age? Can they overcome the chasm of years spent apart and find lasting happiness even when their long-awaited honeymoon cruise is disrupted by a band of cutthroat pirates?" Pastor's widow, Bunny Elder remarries first love, Max, and sets sail for the Great Barrier Reef on a honeymoon trip certain to give the couple plenty of time to talk out separate pasts and disparate life styles, as their 36’ sloop cuts through the waves toward Australia. The new bride distrusts the open sea, but commits to the journey to please Max. Her sacrifice is rewarded with romance and adventure, but little real communication until the newlyweds drift into the path of a hijacked cruise ship and are seized by seagoing marauders. Once aboard the ship, Max and Bunny must work as a team in order to survive and help the other prisoners escape the clutches of this band of ocean-going terrorists. Will Bunny’s faith instill courage in her fellow travelers? Can Max’s fledgling relationship with God withstand this new test, or will he revert to his previous rugged self-reliance and scuttle the couple’s second chance at marital happiness? Christians and non-believers, alike, get a glimpse into the struggles of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances while trying to live their faith in spite of weakness and doubt.

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