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Jareth, First Lord: Esperance Book 1

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Jareth was First lord of his clan, alone, and without an heir. To top it all off, the winter had been harsh and he’d been subject to thieving along the clan border. How could he have known he would meet the woman of his dreams during a trip to settle the dispute with the other clan ruler?

Viviane is young, widowed, and trying desperately to make it on her own. Hoping for another option, she is relieved when chosen to move to Jareth’s clan as part of the Choosing—until she finds he wants to make her his first lady. Still mourning the death of her husband, Viviane isn't sure she can ever open her heart again.

And if she did, it wouldn't be to a First Lord. She'd had enough of ruling families growing up in her father's house. But what would it hurt to accept his hospitality, while she recuperates and looks for other opportunities?

Can Jareth win the heart of this hot-tempered woman with black curls and sapphire eyes before her father, Belfort's First Lord, sends troops to bring her home?

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