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The Grand

Length: 286 pages4 hours


“Even things that go bump in the night need a place to unwind.”

You will find the Grand nestled atop a cliff that overlooks a cursed valley. Surrounded by foreboding mountains, this ritzy French palatial-style hotel is a place where things go horribly wrong. This hotel does not cater to the rich and famous. Instead, its staff and facilities accommodate a more unusual clientele.

The Grand is a collection of Gothic fantasy stories with an overarching storyline incorporating supernatural themes. Each story is told as they come to light when a town prosecutor accidentally discovers a series of grisly case files. The Roaring Twenties are used for inspiration to enrich the historical, linguistic and cultural backdrop.

Centred on the Grand’s victims, each story brings a different perspective to the hotel, the staff and their esteemed guests. At the Grand it is always best to remember that even things that go bump in the night need a place to unwind.

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