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Red Fox Runs: Poems: 2011-2016: Red Fox Runs, #4

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(300 Pages) In this debut Collection, Book 4: "Red Fox Runs" is combined with Books 1-3 ("The Wild Revolve", "Her Pages", and "American Chess"). The poetic journal takes the reader through the highs and lows of a Millennial’s first five year living in New York City. The Red Fox, a symbol of personal aspiration, explores the main themes of the collection: identity, failure and reinvention. Other poems explore emerging adulthood topics such as the end of youth, love and finding purpose.

Description for Books 1-3

Book One: “The Wild Revolve”

"The Wild Revolve: Poems 2011-2013" explores the initial enthusiasm and sharp sense of melancholy that overcomes those who move to New York City.  Themes of loneliness, yearning to escape and uncertainty become more complex as wild nights dominate the lives of the New York City’s newcomers.

Book Two: "Her Pages"

"Her Pages: Poems 2011-2013" untangles all the beauty, horror and agony that come from falling in love.

Book Three: "American Chess"

"American Chess: Poems 2014-2016" examines a country’s vulnerabilities and the division of its people. The author reflects on the growing separation between social classes and fears “Americans are loosing their ability to dream.” Other poems discuss a struggle with finding new love and the anxiety of fleeting youth.

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