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The Secret Army:: The Memoirs of General Bór-Komorowski

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The Polish Home Army was Europe’s largest, and most active, resistance force. Composed of men, women, and children from all walks of life, it was a truly national movement designed to regain Poland’s freedom. Largely self-sufficient, the Polish Home Army carried out extensive sabotage operations and provided the allies with vital intelligence information.

General Bór-Komorowski was Commander of this underground organization. The Secret Army is his personal account of those desperate days; it is also the history of a proud people prepared to make tremendous sacrifices. It covers in detail the famous Warsaw Uprising of August, 1944, one of the most tragic events in modern Polish history. For his leadership in this battle, General Bór-Komorowski has been given the highest praise.

The Secret Army is a testimony to the fact that the price of freedom is a high one, but it is one that the Polish Nation has never shrunk from paying.

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