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Modrad's Surrender: Vargrom, #2

33 pages18 minutes


Modrad knew his life would change upon returning home, but would it be for better or worse? Becoming a member of Vargrom's Elite Guard had its benefits. However, living under the watch of the council posed significant challenges, especially when it involved Duzmeam Wraithshield. When Modrad's worst nightmare comes to fruition, the dwarf immediately blames himself. He foresaw the events that would one day lead to conflict but brushed aside those fears at the request of his closest friend, Kasig Oakenhide. Too late to turn back, Modrad considers making the ultimate sacrifice. He'll have to choose between right and wrong, friend and home, and even life and death. This edition also includes a flash fiction tale, The Flying Exterminator, as well as character illustrations.

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