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Ghost Walk

249 pages3 hours


They say the past cannot be changed. Nick Barton learns it cannot be easily silenced, either. His home town is a ghost town, in many ways, and the founders of Clarkston aren’t giving up the ghost just yet. They have a plan to revive Clarkston. They’ve just been waiting for Nick to set it in motion. The great grandson seven generations removed from Clarkston's founder, Joshua Clark, Nick is an architect. When he returns home for his 15 year class reunion, he meets his great-grandfather and others who founded the small town in Pennsylvania--a town fallen victim to a failing economy and changing times. He's given the task of finding a way to bring Clarkston back to life. He comes face to face with old friends, including Caitlyn Kennedy, his former high school girlfriend. While Nick works on exteriors, Caitlyn is an interior designer. And her presence begins to rearrange his interior, as well.

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