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Why Are There Shorts In My Kitchen

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Have you ever wondered why the clutter continues to come, even though you try and try to keep them away?  I know, talking about clutter as if it's someone standing next to you seems a bit odd, but when you look down and tell the clothes on the floor to move, talking to clutter make perfect sense.

Don't be alarmed, we are not leading you down a path of domestic psychology, but we are taking you on a wonderful, quick, and fun to read guide that we promise to show you how to organize your clutter, forever! 

So spend a little time reading our book, we promise it's not long or draw out, rather simple and quick to the point. Really, wondering how those socks got in the kitchen was all we needed to put our know-how in print.  

There really isn't a complicated equation, just some chit-chat, and a little advice from your organizing expert in hopes that you'll part ways with the clutter and celebrate having more time to enjoy life!

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