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Last Straw: A Rainy Day Mystery

243 pages3 hours


Christmas is right around the corner and bells are definitely ringing.

Alarm bells.

Rainy Day thinks she has the perfect holiday planned…until Sheriff Lewis shows up with a search warrant for her property. Determined to keep this latest skirmish from her visiting children, Rainy does her best to keep them in the dark. But she can’t hide it for long.

Because before she knows it, the sheriff accuses Gunnar of the very crime he suspected her of.

With all that has happened between Gunnar and Rainy, she must decide if she can set aside the past and step up to help her handsome next-door neighbor. Tensions are high, especially with Gunnar's ex-wife in town for the holidays, and Rainy’s own blossoming relationship with Declan.

But now more than ever, Rainy must decide who her friends are.

And just how far she’s willing to go to help them.

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