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Jasara, Magic of the Zunobe People

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Jasara lives on the Uzuri Animal Preserve in Africa. She has the ability to talk to animals and spends her days hanging out with her animal friends on the preserve. There is plenty of fun and laughter on the Uzuri Preserve.
Because Jasara is smart and brave, she was chosen to serve Hatima, and the power of magic was bestowed upon her. Now she fights the forces of evil and helps those in need. She serves Hatima alongside a young lion named Kali, A giant lion who walks in spirit, Rissaso; and a warrior falcon named Kiburi, who receives visions of those in need of Jasara's help.
Each book starts with a message from Jasara, “You will never see a picture of me in any of my books. If you are curious about how I look, just look in a mirror. That’s right; if you have brown eyes, so do I. If your eyes are blue, mine are too. Whether you are tall, short, or of medium height; I promise that we stand shoulder to shoulder. If you wear glasses or braces, I wear them too. Whatever color of hair or skin you have, I promise that it matches mine. It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside. It matters what is on the inside because that is where your true beauty lives. I want to share my adventures with you so you can see the power that all kids have to turn fears into strengths. How do I know that kids can conquer their fears? Because we all have a little Jasara in us!”

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