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Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary

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Is your research time wasted looking up words like beamster,” grimgribber,” anascara,” and wainbote” in regular dictionaries? Ever heard of a gossip's wheel” or a shank's mare”? These and other unusual terms are defined in Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary. You will find this book a useful and entertaining reference. The authors spent years collecting, researching, and verifying definitions of terms they discovered while researching cemetery, probate, court, medical, and other records. The mystery of terms and abbreviations that many researchers face has been solved with this essential, quick-reference source geared to the needs of the genealogist. Now you can have at your fingertips accurate and easy-to-find definitions for troublesome or unfamiliar words encountered in the research process. With thousands of concise definitions, all arranged alphabetically, this dictionary is an essential for any genealogist's home, office, or briefcase.

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