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The Waking Grove

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As a dryad and the last of her kind, Melina’s desire to protect the Waking Grove overpowers her dreams of ever falling in love or raising a family. But when a mysterious blossom—an unborn dryad—appears at the base of her tree, the dedication Melina feels toward her people shifts.

The druids who raised Melina warn that the blossom growing under the Great Tree is her replacement. Being the closest thing to family she’s ever had, Melina struggles to protect her daughter and those taking refuge within her Grove. But as the blossom grows, her lifeforce and ability to keep the Waking Grove hidden from outsiders wanes. Threatened by humans moving in from the south, the timing couldn’t be any worse.

Melina can regain her strength and bring peace back to the Waking Grove by destroying the blossom, but doing so may mean extinguishing her race and taking the life of something she values more than life itself—the family she’s never had.

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