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Kingdom Jumper: Children of Avalon, #1

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Fourteen-year-old Kyle Briggins didn't enter Camelot Junior High with an evil sorceress or Excalibur in mind. But when a mistake in roll call brands him as Kyle Pendragon--a surname shared with King Arthur, his part in an old legend begins to surface.

School bullies and teachers aren't the only ones making such ridiculous claims either. The class pet, a talking ferret named Merlin, insists Kyle is the real King Arthur, and if that wasn't bad enough, his math teacher is Morgana, an evil sorceress who'd happily kill him for the throne.

Traveling to ancient Camelot with a talkative ferret as his sidekick is nothing compared to the characters he'll meet once they get there. Stuck in the middle of a legend, Kyle must face Morgana, her dark realm of nightmares, and brave the school dance. Should he survive, he'll have to make the hardest choice imaginable; stay in the magical kingdom of Avalon or return home to new friends, his own Knights of the Round Table.

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