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Rise of the Fallen: The Wynrith Chronicles, #1

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Acanit wants nothing more than to belong with those of his clan, but their bipedal, birdlike forms are in stark contrast to his own. From his ebony coat to the spines on his back as he walks on all fours, everything about Acanit screams hardian--demon. Shunned by his kin shortly after birth, Acanit's only ever known the life of an outsider.

But when a clan of look-alikes steal him away from his home, he learns that fitting in has its price. As part of an ongoing experiment between his kin and his scale covered clones, Acanit is sought after by the Endarkened, who if given the chance, will use his blood as a weapon of war.

Should they ever find him, they'll make him an impossible offer--join them and watch his kind die by his own hand or die in their place.

Acanit must choose: sacrifice himself and remain loyal to his kin or betray all of Wynrith.

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