Ready for a Reward

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Ready for a Reward

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To be ready for Jesus' return is to be ready to receive a reward at the Judgment Seat of Christ. This immensely practical book answers many important questions related to the coming judgment, such as: *What are the prerequisites for receiving the greatest rewards? * Will Jesus judge us according to our works? * If I call myself a Christian, but my life does not match the standards of the Beatitudes, am I ready? * Will God remember my sins after I die? * Since I'm already saved, do I really need to worry about a time of judgment? * Isn't working for a reward a form of legalistic bargaining with God?

This book will revive your zeal for the things of God. It will strengthen your stand against sin and worldliness. It will help you detect your weaknesses and renew your spiritual priorities.

You have but one life to live, and then the judgment. In simple language, down-to-earth illustrations, personal life stories, and abundant scriptural teachings, Steve shows us how to come to the throne ready for a reward -- for a well-deserved crown, throne, and the everlasting inheritance reserved for those ready in faith.

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