The Jam Maker

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The Jam Maker

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Length: 674 pages10 hours


"You must accept that this knowledge will change you forever, for the world is not as it seems." So warns Eloueese Turtlewine as she reveals the secret of Splickety Mountain. But why has she chosen to pass it on? Who has she told and which way will they turn as the valley is overrun by the forces of Ruba, a powerful and cunning enemy?
Among the handful of villagers free to fight are flying teenagers Bernie and Joxey Brownfeather who must outwit Ruba in a desperate bid to free their neighbours and save their home. As the final confrontation looms, the Brownfeathers discover that this ancient secret has touched their family before. Can the youngsters pull it off? And who is Eloueese Turtlewine?

The Jam Maker has strong female characters. The heroine, Bernie Brownfeahter, and her friend Tawanda Millington are pivotal in the struggle and older women are portrayed as capable and often wise. The villain, Ruba, is also a woman. While proving able and competent, Bernie struggles to find her place in her community, she is a young teenager, striving to live up to what she perceives as the demands of the adult world. In Splickety Village this could mean anything from securing all your clothing when you fly, so nothing falls out on the people below, to taking on the vital task of making the jam for the Important Person From Far Away Festival. As it turns out, Bernie and her friend take on a lot more.

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