Dream Thief (Legend of the night weaver) Book 1

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Dream Thief (Legend of the night weaver) Book 1

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Length: 205 pages3 hours


A thrilling journey of pain, growth, love and friendship that spans centuries of captivity and magical chains.
Kire the Witch of old had returned. The land she left is not as it was.
A new, silent threat roams the lands.
A ruler, a far more powerful entity.
The feared legend. A rare occurrence, the thief of always. A Dream Thief.
Kire is not the same either, she is different now.

Lagum grew up with a mother who needed more care than she did. Though lately, her mother's addiction to a new style of painting, is stirring up sleeping memories and fears within her...

They struggle to grasp their new realities as fate casts them into a new realm. A dimension ruled by magic and powerful rulers. Lagum will have to use newly-acquired skills to try to save the only thing she can trust in this new world . . . a friendship forged by prophesies and blood.

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