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Saving Money on Editing & Choosing the Best Editor: Indie Author Guides, #1

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So, you’ve finally written that book. You’ve lured in readers with a professional cover and a catchy title. Now, you need them to leave positive reviews and, most importantly, buy more of your books.

Having your book professionally edited can help you give your readers what they want and leave them hungering for more.

However, any editor worth her salt—one that knows story and your genre inside and out—comes with a bill to match. Without the support of a traditional publishing house, indie authors have to pay up if they want their book to sell well. Lucky for you, there are ways to save.

As an indie author and professional editor with over two decades of experience, in this book, I’ll share my secrets on how you can reduce your editing rate without sacrificing professional quality.

Then, in the bonus chapter, I’ll give you tips for finding and vetting the best editor for your money while avoiding the scam artists.  This book will help you if you

     • Just finished the first draft of your novel.

     • Finished your book but aren’t sure which step to take next.

     • Are getting ready to self-publish or submit your book.

     • Want to get the best rates from your freelance editor.

     • Aren’t sure how to find an editor.

     • Can’t afford an editor but want to get your book in tip-top shape before publishing or submitting.

You’ve worked hard on your book. Make sure that when you hit Publish, it shows.

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