Episode 4: Jimmy Detroit

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Episode 4: Jimmy Detroit

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Ethan Gill Thrillers - The Orpheus Directive: Episode 4. Jimmy Detroit

Jimmy Detroit is the consummate assassin, a master of the art of killing, but he is up against Master Sergeant Ethan Gill and his team, the best of the best. But the team’s battle skill has been honed in warzones, open terrain, jungle, inhospitable ground in a hundred countries. Not in Washington DC. This is Jimmy’s killing ground.

He's coming for Petty Officer Andie Shea, and although they’re prepped and ready for him, he is in a whole other league to their usual enemy.

If Andy is to live through the night, she can't count on the meager luck the Fates have spare. She must rely on Ethan’s skill.

A deadly battle of wits unfolds in DC’s quiet suburbs... and life or death is the only endgame.

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