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Teacher's Pet: Windy City Weddings, #1
Teacher's Pet: Windy City Weddings, #1
Teacher's Pet: Windy City Weddings, #1
Ebook276 pages3 hours

Teacher's Pet: Windy City Weddings, #1

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About this ebook

Not a single detail escaped Dennis's notice. Not the curls in Audrey's hair, or the graceful curves of her feminine shape. Not the easy way she sat on the classroom floor with his young son, or the way she smiled at their game.

And certainly not the way she looked up at Dennis and blinked slowly once, then again, before rising to greet him. He'd caught her off guard, but she was very good at hiding it and composing herself.

Dennis approved of her quick recovery.

That was his way – to carefully absorb every detail, and then to assess and manage everything within his control. He was methodical by nature. Precise. Thorough.

Why, then, as she walked forward to greet him, did he seem to forget everything around him but Audrey?

Just for the briefest moment, at the touch of her hand, he was utterly certain that nothing could ever go wrong if she was in his life.

But things could go very, very wrong. He knew that beyond any doubt. It was the reason he was now a single father, the reason he had to monitor every detail in his son's life. How else could he keep the boy safe? How else could he ensure his son would have a good and happy life?

Audrey could help with that. She owned a private daycare, best in the city. She understood children, knew his son, and even looked beautiful when she blushed.

Suddenly, Dennis knew exactly what he wanted.

And what Dennis wanted, he always found a way to get.

Release dateSep 11, 2017
Teacher's Pet: Windy City Weddings, #1
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