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Shooting Stars and Fireflies

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When Faith Williams first got to Nashville Tennessee years ago, she had managed to find a way to live her dreams. She had the music career, the publishing contract and a ton of her songs recorded by the big names in country music, but one bad date changed everything. She moved away and found a new home in Savannah Georgia only to have to relive her past all over again. She thought having her best friend Sadie stay with her would give her the security she needed, but found herself entangled with an entertainment lawyer with a tendency for researching every woman he met - even if that meant digging up her past. She wanted to give in and be with someone, but would her past come back to haunt her all over again?

Owen Grant was the big entertainment lawyer that musicians hunted down. He was a no-nonsense, I'm getting my client what they want, kind of person. He had never taken no for an answer and when he met Faith, he wasn't about to start. He knew she was hiding something from the start when their first date ended in disaster. When he realized he may have really messed up, would he accept no? He'd got her a writing contract with a big country star and she had everything including his heart, but would that be enough? She wanted the moon and stars, but could he even make that happen?

When you want a love that's rare - A once in a lifetime, life-changing kind of love that makes you forget your past and only look to your future - the shooting stars and fireflies can create one heck of a spark....

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