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Off Grid Living - Theodore Hall

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We are generally so used to all the comforts we have around us that we don’t even consider them comforts anymore, but take them for granted. Our reliance on electrical appliances, the internet and our vehicles has given us an easy lifestyle, but at what cost?

Sometimes some of us will stop for a moment and ask ourselves what would happen if we were forced to live without privileges such as electrical power, water or supermarkets. We may be aware that we are completely dependent and thus vulnerable to any change in our lifestyle. The thought of losing our modern conveniences can be daunting and sustainable living might seem impossible around the daily demands of our home lives and careers.

This book is a short guide for all the worriers out there who are uncertain that sustainable living is a manageable option for them. In fact, even for the busiest and most electronically-dependent of us, a sustainable lifestyle is possible. A green life with complete sustainability is more manageable than you might think, but, of course, it is always a good idea to start small. This guide give a whole array of sustainable options for living. You may find that you are most strongly appealed to just one idea or even all of them! No matter which tips in this guide appear to you, any change in your lifestyle which leads you to a greener way of living will benefit the environment and the future generations of this planet.

A sustainable lifestyle does not mean a sacrifice of all of your comforts. It simply means seeking a way to maintain those comforts in a more eco-friendly way. This book presents to you 44 moves towards a great start of living a sustainable green life; covering topics such as food production, energy alternatives, water supplies and much more.

Read on to begin your own journey towards sustainability and an independent green lifestyle!

What is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living refers to a type of lifestyle. People who try to lead a sustainable  lifestyle try to live with the least amount of waste possible and in a way that limits the damage done to the environment. Sustainable livers are concerned with the health and longevity of the earth and in reducing the impact of their lifestyles on the planet as much as possible.

A sustainable living lifestyle can affect every area of your life. Small changes, such as turning of the lights when you leave a room, are steps that every one of us can take that cost nothing and take almost no effort, but, when undertaken by many people can drastically reduce our effects on the earth. Larger changes, such as relying on a renewable energy source of growing your own food can take more commitment and an initial investment.

Absolutely everyone can do something to take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle whether that means making a big change or a small change. Leading an eco-friendly life is often not only more rewarding and healthy, but cost effective too. Green initiatives are often rewarded by the government through tax exemptions or rewards and a reduction in fuel and energy costs which comes with living a green life are an added