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Turkey Travel Guide

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Like so many people who have passed through Turkey of the past who were drawn in by the country’s riches and landscapes, you are sure to be equally mesmerized. From region to region there are traces of the past with remnants of some of the world’s earliest human civilizations. It is a place for those who come to search out an exotic culture, history and adventure. It is also a place where people search for refuge, a spiritual connection to others and relaxation.

The landscape is as diverse as its people and you can witness every part if you open your mind. Recently, this region has not received the best of reputations. However, it should be noted that it is safe to visit. With the exception of a couple small areas close to Syria, you can still enjoy this country for all it has to offer. The key is, as with travelling to any area of the globe is to keep yourself informed.

Start your tour off by landing in Istanbul. Even if you are looking for a beach vacation later on around the Aegean Peninsula or Turquoise Coast, it is worth spending a couple days in this vastly incredible city. The mosques, the architecture, the people and the food are sure to even give a small trembling to anyone’s core and bring out the adventurer in everyone. Go by foot, mingle with the locals, share a tea or coffee with them. They will surely become a close friend in under an hour and possibly be a friend for life.

Following Istanbul go out on a limb and travel the distant lands of Anatolia or the Black Sea Coast where you are sure to get another dose of Turkish culture and its history. Venture out in nature in the mountains and fly atop the peaks in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia. Touch and see all that you can and it will reciprocate the sentiment and touch you. Relax, move, see, taste. There is a lot to see, do and experience. Let’s get started.

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