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Welcome to Luxembourg!

Are you ready for an amazing journey?

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Most people who visit Luxembourg travel through the most popular tourist sites in only a day or two because it isn’t a very big country. This small European nation may be only 84km long but rates as one of the world’s three richest countries.

Although seen as a financial haven, the gem that is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not limited to numbered bank accounts! This scenic little country boasts about 500,000 inhabitants. Its central location makes Luxembourg a trilingual country as it has three official languages (French, German and Luxembourgish). With the influence of language comes a lot of cultural influences and unexpected charm. Luxembourg is the capital of the country. Built on a plateau dotted with ravines it looks in the distance like a theater set.

Although Luxembourg has steadily become commercialized and booming in some cities, their cuisine, wine, and natural beauty offers so much more than the cliché tourist boom. Luckily, the locals of Luxembourg feel the same, and restrict the tourist industry by focusing more on local businesses, delicacies, and all Luxembourg has to offer.

Luxembourg’s booming and rich economy is something for the country to brag about since it’s come along way from World War II. During the war, Luxembourg experienced mass destruction. Many of the museums in Luxembourg pay homage to the history of the war and the country’s involvement.

The country’s economic expansion started with steel but is now based particularly on banking and financial services. The capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City", has an ideal picturesque setting to its Unesco-listed historic core. Behind its calm landscape and picturesque scenery, it is seen as a major financial hub and headquarters for European institutions. Its diversity and population makes the city quite a lively place with a lot to do! This is due largely to the ever-growing student population. Be sure to visit Mudam, the museum of modern art, and the awe inspiring Philharmonie concert hall .The city also boasts top culinary achievements as well as the best Italian restaurant outside Italy, Mosconi, in addition to its many other Michelin-starred eateries.

Beyond, you’ll rapidly find yourself in rolling part-forested hills where a string of beguiling villages each form attractive huddles beneath medieval castles. Then there’s all the fun of champagnes and sparkling wines in Moselle wine country and some hiking and outdoor recreational activities to take in the pretty micro-gorges of Müllerthal.

For the fashionistas, Luxembourg’s European charm is filled with ample shopping opportunities. Tourists can head to Grand-Rue and Rue Philippe II which are part of the pedestrian zone. All the famous fashion brands entertain a branch in this area. A few walking blocks away a farmer's market with local and organic produce sets up shop twice a week.

Luxembourg’s roads take you through picturesque landscapes with rivers meandering past meadows and beech forests, steep ridges and high craggy walls, often topped by a castle in ruins. It’s a fun place to go hiking, mountain biking or take a boat ride. Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is the perfect spot for these activities, with its thick forests, babbling brooks and underbrush covered with ferns and blueberries. You can hike down nearly the entire Sûre Valley, which originates in Belgium and juts deeply into the ancientOesling Massif. The slopes of the more luminous and open Moselle Valley produce white wines, sparkling wines and a few rosés that are well worth trying. Visitors inclined to rest can sit on one of the numerous cozy terraces and have a glass of wine from the Moselle region or a beer from a local brewery.

Dining out is key to understanding the Luxembourg lifestyle. Culinary specialties from all over the world reflect the multicultural society. Moreover, the country currently has 11 restaurants counting at least one star in the famous Michelin guide, three of them located in the city, the others within short reach by car.

There is so much to do and so much to see. We can’t wait until you’re here and have the experience of a lifetime!

Welcome to this European gem!

Here's a quick rundown of our guide for easy reference.

• Chapter 1: A brief overview of Luxembourg-Historical knowledge on its lengthy battle to become independent and the road to becoming one of Europe’s trendiest countries to visit.

• Chapter 2 – Essential Luxembourg Experiences: A brief To Do list of Luxembourg’s top attractions from a visitor's perspective, helping you to narrow down your list and help set your itinerary.

• Chapter 3 – Essential Luxembourg Travel Planning: This chapter starts with a rundown of the best of Luxembourg, important things to consider when planning your trip, and a To Do list of top attractions. Whether looking for historical, famous, sights or preferring adventure with the unknown attractions, we have you covered.

• Chapter 4 – Where to Sleep: From hostiles to five star luxuries, Luxembourg hospitality is just as diverse as the country itself. Whether staying in a penthouse or sleeping on a couch, we have options for every preference. This chapter covers it all and includes what websites to do your research on, and what places to look for specifically.

• Chapter 5 – Transportation in Luxembourg: From cabs to subways to buses, we have the inside scoop on all you need to know. From airports that travel country wide or international, we have the information.

• Chapter 6 - How to Travel Smart, Experience More, and Spend Less: Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most trendy places to visit. With the increasing tourism, it’s hard to know where you are able to cut corners. We’ve compiled a list of ways to travel smart and stay in budget.

• Chapter 7-Where to Shop-Did someone say shopping? This Chapter provides some of the best places to shop until you drop! From outdoors and Christmas markets to elaborate stores that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a movie, we have your bases covered for any budget!

• Chapter 8-Where to Dine and What to Eat in Luxembourg-This Chapter provides some of the places to eat in Luxembourg as well as expands on local delicacies that you