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India Travel Guide

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You have decided to travel to India!  You are about to go on a trip of a lifetime.  Do you know where in India you are going?  If you are just beginning to explore the options, you have opened the perfect guide book to help you narrow down your options.  The subcontinent of India is vast with diverse landscapes, culture, religion, peoples and climates.  It is important to first figure out what kind of vacation and experience you are looking for during your stay in India.

Are you an urbanite looking to discover the flavor and rhythm of the world’s most crowded cities?  Or are you traveling to India for a deeper connection, healing and rediscovering yourself?  If you are an adventurer, what exactly is the adventure you are looking for?  Do you crave to be around the peoples of another culture, another time and look deep into the past or do you need a remote location?  It does not matter what category you fit into, India has something for everyone from north to south and east to west.  You can customize the ideal vacation to satisfy all your expectations and more in India.  It just takes a little research.

Get out some paper and a pen and write out your list.  It helps if you have a map at hand and maybe grab your highlighter and some strips of paper to keep the pages in this book which interest you the most.  India is impressively complex, grand and mysterious.  There is no way you can keep track of it all without a little assistance.

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