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Greece Travel Guide

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Sand between your toes as you eat a fresh salad of green olives piled on crimson tomatoes and crisp lettuce topped with olive oil and feta. In the afternoon you wander down the very streets that Socrates and Plato strolled while developing the cradle of democracy and the foundation for the western world we know today. After a few days exploring the ruins you catch a ferry to the islands where whitewashed churches with bright blue domes await, welcoming visitors to stay a while and relax on the beach. You will meet locals and tourists from around the world, all emitting the relaxed glow of spending the day in the sun. By the time you leave you will never look at a Greek salad the same way again.

Greece has a long, ancient history that dates back thousands of years. The early Greek civilizations faced scores of invaders and both were conquered and victorious. The influences of these other cultures is still present today in the architecture, cuisine, and customs all over the country. To check out neoclassical architecture go to Ermoupolis and Nafplion, or make your way to Grevena and Kozani to see some of the Ottoman-influenced buildings. At the same time there are plenty of foods and traditions that are authentically Greek in origin and have been preserved through the ages, so don’t miss out on all of the nationally vintaged wine, fresh produce, and tasty meats.

With its idyllic weather and the Mediterranean Sea as a stunning backdrop, Greece has been known as a vacation and holiday destination for centuries though the tourist industry has picked up in the past century and boomed in the last three decades. The hot summer and cloudless skies beckons young and old travelers to the beaches to sunbathe and surf, and to watch the sunset with a friend or at least with a drink. Then they migrate to the archeological ruins and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites to learn about the rise and fall of empires ,and how our predecessors lived their lives similarly yet differently from ours. In recent years there has been an influx of visitors who are following the booming nightlife in both Athens and on the islands where the party doesn’t stop until the sun shows up, so don’t forget your party hats at home.

Nature lovers are always impressed by the scenery in Greece with lush and green forests and rolling hills next to deep crystal waters, cut off by cliffs. To make your trip even more nature filled you can visit the breathtaking Pindos mountain range to see the Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest in the world. The Vikos-Aoos National park is full of forests and waterfalls where there are lakes lying next to the jagged mountains and the whole area is dotted with villages built out of stone.

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