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Belgium Travel Guide

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You are going to love Belgium!  It is not the first choice by many as a tourist or vacation destination, but little do people know what a hidden gem it is.  It is one of the smallest countries in Europe but the size of its culture and the hearts of its people more than make up for it.

Travel from city to city and you will find plenty to entertain both your days and nights.  It can be visited during anytime of the year and if you happen to be travelling during the cooler months, there is nothing better than a good sweater and a beer at a local pub to warm you up.

You can spend a few days in Belgium or a few weeks, it doesn’t matter.  You will be happily welcomed anywhere you go.  The people are friendly, down-to-earth and they’ve got a good sense of humor.  The culture is progressive and youthful and you can see it in their artsy city centers, yet they are all about showing off their colorful past and history, even dating back to medieval times.

Come to Belgium and experience all that you want and wish to, eat, have a beer or two and come and make some new friends.

This guide is about to show you how you can go to Belgium.  How you may enjoy it, where you can go, what you can see and most importantly what you can truly experience, on more than one level.  Utilize each of the chapters to guide your trip from beginning to end.  Plan a trip suiting only your dreams and imagination.  There is plenty to see and do for all, both near and far.  Belgium is truly for everyone.  There is a past, there is a present and there is a future and you can see it in their modern cities with many proud remnants from their past.  Belgium is a culture about living in harmony with its surroundings and making the world a better place. 

Part of enjoying Belgium on your visit will simply be about enjoying the present, your surroundings and the fortunate opportunity you have been given to travel to this distant land. 

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