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EMP Survival: 10 Amazing Survival Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Family in Case of Electromagnetic Pulse

Length: 56 pages44 minutes


An EMP is a scary thing that will happen someday, we just do not know when. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear plan of action when it does occur. Experts say that in the United States only one in 10 people will survive. By following the easy to understand directions in this book, that one can be you. Many books start out with the survival bag, but in this book, you will learn 9 items you should carry on your person at all times. Having these items when an EMP event occurs may save your life.

The book then details how to prepare a 72 hour bug out bag. It also gives recommendations on what type of bag works best for you. There is no doubt that the time following an EMP will be a very scary time. Therefore, it is essential to know the 7 steps you should take immediately following an EMP. While you can live a short time without food, you must have water. Learn the secrets to finding safe drinking water after an EMP and 6 ways to purify it. Everyone must eat, but following an EMP, chances are that you cannot run to the grocery store. Therefore, use the list in this book to learn the 31 foods that you need to stockpile now.

Gardening will be an essential skill after an EMP event. Learn how many plants you need to feed each member of your family. Additionally, gain valuable tips on seed saving.  In addition, learn the 4 animals that are essential to raise if you want to survive an EMP along with how to preserve their meat. Additionally, learn 5 methods to cook without power. In the final chapter you will discover the secrets to buying a great survival knife.

Contents of the book:

Chapter 1 – 8 Must Carry Items
Chapter 2 – 72 Hour Bug Out Bag
Chapter 3 – 7 Immediate Actions
Chapter 4 – Water
Chapter 5 – 31 Foods You Must Stockpile
Chapter 6 – How to Store Food

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