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Hong Kong Travel Guide

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So you have decided to go to Hong Kong!  Has it been a place you have been dreaming to travel or one more recently and spontaneously decided?  It does not matter, you have made a good choice.  Get ready to have your world rocked, and in more than one way.  Hong Kong is the epicenter of all things of some of our world’s most ancient past, temples and beautiful heritage, cuisine, shopping and much more.  It is a city to open your eyes, ears, palate and soul in many directions, new and maybe even some revisited.

Outside of mainland China, the Hong Kong culture is one all of its own.  It is where the East has met the West and signs of this are found in every neighborhood and almost on every street.  Do not fret, there are still plenty of places where it has not been touched by Western culture and you can step into the past, far far, into the past.

Many come here to shop until they drop and if that is your goal then bring your best credit cards, because they are sure to get some use. Hong Kong is big on fashion and home to some of the top fashion houses and up-and-coming designers in the world.  This city has everything for you types and history buffs.

You will not be able to get enough of Hong Kong and it is even so vast, that it might be impossible to experience all of it.  This guide will help you get as much as you can.  Just flip, read and peruse the following pages so that you can see all that is offered and what you can experience!

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