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Why You Will Fall In Love With Peru!

It is a big leap to make travel plans to Peru.  Despite what it appears to be in size on the entire South American map, Peru is a big country!  Travelling from one destination to the next requires planning, sometimes at least a couple months in advance.  When you arrive, making your way from one place to the next might take planning some extra details with another added detail of just having simple patience.  In saying this, it is not to intimidate you from travelling to Peru, but it is highly encouraged!

Throughout your travels you are not only going to learn about ancient civilizations, culture, language and more, but you will learn more about yourself.  You do not have to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to learn more about what you can sustain physically or mentally, though you definitely will if you travel that route.  You can learn about yourself in any part of Peru.  You can travel as far as Africa to see the beginnings of mankind and the start of culture, language and arts, but it can be found in Peru as well in hundreds if not thousands of sites throughout the entire land. 

For outdoor lovers who want to escape civilization in a remote mountain destination with the bonus of entering one completely different from their own, you come to Peru.  Here you can travel and follow in the footsteps of millions of peoples before you from over a millenia ago and even further back.  If higher altitude adventure does not thrill you, you can visit numerous cultural and urban centers.  Bring your sense of wonder and adventure!  Oh, did we already say that?

Chapter 1:

Welcome to Peru!

You have arrived or you are about to travel to Peru!  There are so many details to work out and to get started, the best way to get the rest of the details is to learn more about the place where you are about to embark on your journey.  This carefully and lovingly written guide is about to help you out with that, but let’s start simply with some high-points and inspiring aspects you want to see and do during your stay in Peru.

Highlights for your Trip

Some of the highlights of your experience in Peru will actually be ‘high’!  Peru is known for its tourist attractions being at some of the highest altitudes!  If you are into trekking or if you are just into checking out the urban and town centers, be prepared for the altitude!  Drink plenty of water and eat well.  There is definitely no shortage of food!  Some of the best highlights will be in the small pueblos just at the foot of towering peaks.  The people, dress and food is some of the most welcoming, colorful and delicious from around the globe.  You will feel as if you are at home from abroad and there is plenty to see, do and taste!

Iconic Peru

The most popular destination for tourists when they reach Peru is the Inca Trail leading up to Machu Picchu.  It is said that any visitor who rubs their forehead against the Intihuatana Stone will gain access into the spirit world.  For another popular must-see, you must go to Colca Canyon in the Andes range in the south for amazing views of the Colca River below and watch the Andean condors sail and drift, rising on the thermals of the valley.

If you visit Lake Titicaca, you must see the Uros Islands.  The people who inhabit this floating village have existed since before the Incas and their village is a true wonder to the eyes and imagination made of interwoven reeds that always need tending to in order to keep the construction of the floating village ‘afloat’ as the reeds at the bottom fall into the lake and rot away.

From a birdseye view in a Cessna, you can see the famous Nazca lines of the region between Nazca and Palpa.  Created by indigenous tribes of long-ago, they were made between the years of 200 BC and 700 AD, with figures of spiders, fish, lizards, monkeys, llamas and human forms. 

Visit the adobe city of Chan Chan.  It was once the largest pre-Columbian city in all of the Americas, where at one time 30,000 people resided.  The walled citadels, burial chambers and temples, built by the Chimu people and later by the Incas are still intact even with having been erected as far back as 850 AD. 

Unique Experiences

When people think of Peru, they are instantly drawn to the image of Machu Picchu, and while this is a must-see and for many a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to witness such ancient grandeur, there is much more to Peru to experience.  Explore the Amazon!  It covers sixty percent of the entire country and you can see a small part of it flying into Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado.  From here, get a riverboat 3 hours through the jungle to an isolated lodge off the Tambopata River banks.

Just outside of the touristic city of Ica you can go to Huacachina for some sandboarding on the sand dunes or get on another type of board and go surfing in Mancora off the Pacific coast!  If you are into wildlife viewing, go visit what is known as the Galapagos Islands of Peru, the Ballestas Islands.  There are a few more amazing and unique experiences to have while in Peru, just read on to find out more!

How to Use This Guide

Are you happy you have picked up this guide?  There is much more waiting for you in the continuing pages to help you plan your trip to Peru and with even some things for you to do and experience in your travels that you might not have even thought of!  Do continue to read on for a more comprehensive view and advice in planning your ultimate trip to Peru.

You are already almost through Chapter 1, but continue on to Chapter 2 that will help you understand the best ways of getting to and around Peru.  There are pointers on how to find accommodations and learn about the best places to stay.  It will also talk about the different regions and when the best time of year it is to go to these regions along with travel and themed itineraries to help maximize your travel time and experience. 

Chapter 3 is sort of the second part of Chapter 2, to assist in planning your budget and have an idea of what things cost and what money you might expect to spend each day, whether you are on a tight budget or otherwise. 

Chapter 4 will help you become informed of certain culture, language and mannerisms specific to regions and Peru overall.  Learn what to expect