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Guru Nanak and Sikh Guru

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One can find a perfect combination of simplicity and spirituality in the personality of Guru Nanak Devji. He was a prophet as well as a universal chief, a devotee and a mentor, a poet and a lyricist, a singer and a composer, a wanderer and a native. It is truly said, ‘Nanak Shah Monk. Hindu’s Guru and Muslim’s sectarian leader.

Around 550 years ago, on the holy land of India, an epoch-making, philosopher, revolutionary, socialist, religious, preacher of immortality and a visibility of ultimate spiritual light seen was born. This person was named as Nanak.

The radiance of Allah and light of God in Nanak was recognized first by simplex daulta, Nanakji’s sister, and Nawab Rai Baular. When Pandit Hardyl saw Nanakji, at that very moment he commented that this boy was super-human from the light of God. Brother Guru Dasji also has said beautifully, “The birth of Sat Guru Nanak is like the end of sorrows in humanity.

From childhood, Nanakji was a saint like nature. His mind was more on spirituality and the welfare of the society. For the welfare of the society, through his education, he had opposed the differences between Hindus and Muslims, and the false religious practices. He focused more on the sanctity of mind, simplicity, divinity, and behavior to be the only path for every human to reach God.

He said, “Allah has said that all are God’s children, God has created all.”

When Guru Nanakji met Siddhi, they asked him about his caste; on this, he replied, ‘Regard everyone to be of the same caste and creed, as no one is small or big, as taught by our holy books.’ Guru Nanakji had established simplicity and equality thinking amongst humans.

His principle was to achieve control on the mind because the person who gets success in controlling his mind is the only one who can control the world. This success cannot be gained through weapons or bombs, rather, only through principles. After this win, it is a lifetime win. When was he questioned that under his eyes whether Hindu was bigger or Muslim?

He gave a very beautiful and straight reply that, ‘Without good actions, both are useless. At the doors of God and Allah, that person is only accepted who is true by character, helpful, and follows his purpose of life.

In the world, everyone bends down for selfishness, and not for others. He says very clearly that there is no sense in bending your head when your mind is not pure. He believes that just by showing off, you will not achieve anything because God is Supreme Being who can read everyone’s mind.

Nanakji, in one of his teachings, has also warned us to be away from hypocrisy and falsehood because they are pervasive in humanity. He puts more emphasis on the word of God by following the directions of awaking individuals, rather than the minds of the frustrated peoples.

In this E-Book, we are going to present about Nanakji’s birth, life, preaching, and messages to all.

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