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Children of Darkness: Genesis: Nightmare, #2

Length: 84 pages1 hour


Not a romance. Strictly paranormal fiction.

When Darkness created Ben, his second in command, he did not see the beast he had unleashed.
The Underworld is their playground as king and prince, but even Hell has rules. Ben slowly deteriorates and even though he consumes every demon in his path, he doesn't grow in health or power. But when his true energy source is found, the balance of power shifts.

Soon Ben shows the world what he is capable of and, like a virus, his dark power spreads and devours everything in its path. Demons join forces to end the reign of terror Ben’s ravenous army of children spread throughout the realms. War will raze the lands and leave behind mountains of bones. By the time Darkness realizes he needs to step in, the damage is too far gone to be reversed. Decisions must be made.
I am fear. I am son of the Dark Angel. I am power.
Delve into the past and watch the rise of the Children of Darkness.

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