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Love on the Run

Length: 165 pages2 hours


Gem isn't an active kind of girl. She's more prone to sprawling on the sofa with a glass of wine kind of girl. But she also has a massive crush on Cole Parker, and he's never going to notice her while she's on crashed out on her couch. Last time they met, she almost took him out in a kickboxing class with her clumsy moves. She’s the last person he’d be interested in.

Cole is an active guy. When Gem’s best friend convinces her that running shoes are the way to his heart, she’s thrown for a loop. She doesn't run, and has no desire to start.   But Cole might be the very reason she's willing to lace up. Can Gem, a certified couch-potato, move her body past the front door and capture Cole's heart in the process? Take a fun and romantic journey as Gem laces up and hits the trails. 

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