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Escape from Region 10: Billy's Awakening

Length: 293 pages4 hours


Welcome to a future America that has become a living hell of having every aspect of your life monitored and controlled by the powers that be … and one in which people are rapidly losing their true identities to computerized enhancements.

Escape from Region 10: Billy’s Awakening is a futuristic, sci-fi thriller set in 2035, about a dystopic America whose citizens are mandated by the government to receive a neural implant behind their ear and a microchip in their hand at the age of 18. Those who resist try to escape to Russian Occupied Canada (ROC), where implants are not required. If they don’t make it to ROC, they are placed in a re-education center where they “learn” the benefits of these devices. If they still refuse, they are never heard from again!

Meet Billy Decker, an American living in ROC, on the run after killing a man in a card game at an underground casino. He returns to America (Region 10, the Pacific Northwest) to see what has become of his country. There, he meets and falls in love with the young and beautiful Katy—who has just turned 18. Billy does his best to convince Katy to resist getting “chipped” and return with him to ROC, ultimately setting off a chain of events that will have you rapidly turning pages to follow their adventure.

Join their fight … for the right of humanity to be free!

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