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Savage Company

280 pages2 hours


A second chance he’s not sure he deserves.

Haring Kingston lost everything, because of the bad choices he made back home in D.C. Embarrassed at being saved by his sister, and his friends, he drowns himself in alcohol, and one-night stands. Until the femme fatale with the flaming red hair puts him in his place, and the man the world admires offers him the job of a lifetime.

A secret that could kill them both.

Natasha has a job to do, and his name is Haring Kingston. She doesn’t expect to fall for his cocky attitude, beautiful soul, or sexy hair. But, how can she resist all that? When she realizes can’t, she puts them both in danger, vowing to save his life over hers if it’s the only choice.

The future they’re going to have to fight for.

When the dust settles, and everything’s revealed, they both have choices to make. Will Haring forgive his Vixen for her lies? Can Natasha forgive him for his words? Friends and family try to intervene, but is their love too savage to survive?

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