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Selyna The Elvenymph

Length: 38 pages29 minutes


Banished from her father's home Selyna must journey to the forests of the west to join her mother. For some she is an abomination, a taboo mix of species, her father, a sober and sensible Elf, and her mother a wanton and insatiable nymph. For others she is a fascination... and a temptation. So she must leave the sensible Elves and live in a place where her kinky character cannot cause further problems. But headstrong Selyna has no intention of living with her mother, she has turned from the western path and headed north, to the great river and the mountains... her goal, to reach the Northern Kingdom, a trek that will last months... and bring her into contact with races beyond her imagination... races that will also find it impossible to resist her charms.
(Please Note: This story involves sexual activity between mythological races. Reader Discretion is Advised)

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