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Rogue Shepherd: Wayward Hope: Rogue Shepherd Space Opera Series

Length: 196 pages2 hours


A suicidal attack to save a ship; an inadvertent rescue of a Princess; and the fight to return home without being Rogue!

Luke Shepherd is the youngest in his family, and obeys the commands of his father as the Twelve Clans requires, or be labeled a rogue. He and his ship, The Hornet’s Nest, are sent by his father to the front lines of the armies with supplies for his brothers in their desperate galactic battle between the Twelve Clans and the Gimtis.

His chance encounter to save a ship starts a chain of events he couldn’t expect, and the gifts from the High Priest only compounds the questions of those he helps, the enemies he has to fight, and the questions of being obedient... or going Rogue!

ROGUE SHEPHERD: WAYWARD HOPE is the first in Chris Vaughn’s ROGUE SHEPHERD SPACE OPERA SERIES, a science fiction space opera that feels like the Death Star ran into the Old Testament and discovered a story of characters and ships from Pirates of The Caribbean. If you enjoy those fast-paced, engaging stories then you’ll love this intergalactic adventure. I enjoyed it in one sitting and look forward to the sequel! I had some questions how the story starts but thankfully I received the prequel after requesting it! ”" The author’s loyal, and prejudiced friend.

Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pirates of the Caribbean are sure to enjoy this new space opera.

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