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Brain: The King of Our Body

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Our brain is 1400 times more complicated as compared to the entire world’s telephone system and so is it more able and capable compared to worlds best computer, yet many times we still cannot remember our postal code. Wake up your brain and let your natural processes work freely without any obstacles.

The brain is the most important part of our body. The functioning of all the parts of our body is done through our brain only. It is only the brain who govern every action of our body, if we have any pain in our body than it is our brain who motivates us to cure the pain, and so do we try to pamper our area of pain with our hands lovingly; this action also the brain makes us to think so and to do it.

If the brain is removed from our body; then the body would become like a lifeless puppet. Some people may have sharp brains and some may have weak brains. People who have complete weak brains, unstable brain and or impaired brain, such people usually have to undergo mental treatment or even many times have to be admitted in asylums for their constant treatment. Do you know that?

The blood veins that are spread in our brain have its length admeasuring around one lakh miles. If the blood circulation stops in the brain than within ten seconds a person loses his consciousness. The gray matter of the brain is made up of neurons, which alerts and comprehends by sending signals to the brain. The thickness of the neuron is 4 microns. On the tip of a needle, you can fit 30,000 neurons. In a human brain there are around 100 billion Neurons, i.e. it is as many as stars available in the sky.

At the time of birth itself emotions like happiness, sorrow, fear, shyness, kindness etc are also born in the brain of a human, then these emotions take that form as the manner in which the child is brought up. To laugh at a joke is not an easy task, as for this task five different parts of the brain have to do the same job.

Actually are brain is one magical part, about which scientist have not yet been able to understand it thoroughly. To understand the brain all the world around science and scientist are trying their best. The amount the scientist comes to know about the brain, it makes him more curious to know more thereby the process of research keeps on continuing further with no end. This book is focusing on this important part of our body.

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