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How to Analyze People: 25 Easy Ways to Analyze People by Observing Hand Gestures and Eye Contact. Learn How to Read the Body Language of Other People on a Conscious Level

Length: 94 pages45 minutes


The ability to analyze body language can be an empowering tool and one that can improve your employment and social situations. Whether you are a boss, a social butterfly, or are seeking to find that ever important soul mate, knowing how to read the often subtle signals being portrayed by others can be invaluable. 

If you are out on a date, are you able to tell whether or not the person is interested in you? Are you wasting your evening on someone who isn't going to want to see you again? By understanding the body language of dating, you cqan save yourself a lot of time and heartache waiting for a call that probably won't even happen. 

Eye contact, hand gestures, and leg-crossing can all give clues as to how that person is feeling or how successful you are in conveying what you want to say. You also need to be aware of those crafty people who can fake truth and honesty, and by knowing to read clusters of signs, you will be able to work out who is genuine and who is faking. 

Topics covered include the following:

What the eyes say
Handshakes, hand gestures and arm movements
Legs and feet
Signs of boredom and disinterested
Cultural differences – what is acceptable to some is not to others
The art of romance

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