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Zika Virus: The Ultimate Guide to Zika Virus. Learn How to Prevent Being Infected With the Zika Virus

Length: 55 pages19 minutes


Zika virus has become an International concern, with reported cases appearing in multiple countries around the world. The virus itself is not dangerous to most people, but there have been increases in birth defects and serious neurological disease, which have been linked to Zika, namely microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

There is no vaccine for Zika virus, and no specific treatment options, so the best method of fighting this terrible global outbreak is to prevent it from spreading. The number one way to achieve this is by each individual person taking steps to protect themselves against mosquito bites, especially in those areas where cases have been reported.

This may sound simple, but do you know how to protect yourself from being bitten? Mosquitoes are prevalent in many places, and this particular species is especially aggressive. So, what are the best ways to stop them from biting you? This book will tell you all you need to know about self-protection, as well as what Zika virus is, and how it may affect you. 

This virus can potentially travel to every single country in the world, largely through travelers. Every person needs to know as much as possible about this virus, as it could be on your doorstep sooner than you realize. 

For this reason, chapters in this book include:

What Is Zika Virus?
Microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome Facts
Transmission of the Virus
Prevention, Vaccine and Treatments
What Countries Are Affected
What the Different Countries Are Doing About It

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