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Zika Virus: 22 Lessons to Prevent Zika Virus and Save Your Family

Length: 82 pages45 minutes


Up until very recent times, no one heard about the Zika mosquito, Zika virus, Zika infection or disease. In fact, you might also be wondering what it is as you read this book description.  You are not alone.  Zika is a relatively new word in the ears of many.  Several people have not heard about it. This seems to be a mystery that has not been successfully unraveled as at yet.  How can a simple mosquito that just recently came into notice become so dangerous and deadly? 

If you asked a health expert about the Zika virus, you would get answers like – there is nothing of such or that they have never heard something of such. It was probably some slang coined from somewhere.  Not until recently that, the few researchers who have heard about the virus began to delve into the study of the virus potentials. 

Contrary to what many think, Zika did not just come into existence.  This might be surprising but it is what research has shown.  Knowledge however is power as the saying goes.  If you are quite curious for knowledge and would like to know more about this suddenly existing virus and disease, you are on the right page as you read this book.  

This is a book that has been written to discuss all that there is to know about this deadly mosquito specie and what havoc it can do to the human race.   It is not enough to know about the virus, it is important to know how to handle the knowledge that is acquired about the virus.  All these and much more are found within the pages of this book.  

In the process of reading through the contents of this book, you will be able to:

Zika Virus: What it is!

Zika Virus and Disease Symptoms

Delving into the History of the Zika Virus

Concerns on Studies regarding the Zika Virus and its Potential Harmful Effects

Transmission of the Zika Virus during Pregnancy

Precautionary Measures while Travelling to a Zika Infected Area

Zika Disease Testing

Some Parts of the World Where Zika Virus has Been Found

Call for Urgent Global Response and Intervention

Some Zika Infection and Transmitted Cases

Factors that Enhance the Spreading of Zika Viruses

Important Lessons for Preventing Zika Virus

Zika Lessons for Pregnancy and Conception

Lessons to Aid Zika Prevention and Control

More about Microcephaly, Causes and Symptoms

Causes of Microcephaly

Some Research Oriented Proffered Measures in Stopping the Spread of Zika Disease

Steps in Controlling and Subsequently Bringing about an End to the Zika Pandemonium

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