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The Last Shadow

Length: 257 pages4 hours


The Enemy’s final triumph draws nigh, the Time of Revelation looms, and the world trembles at his coming, or it would if it realized its peril. As the days dwindle and the gloom deepens, even the Shadow of the Unicorn does not escape unscathed. Reduced to a single man, but still determined to fight, though forbidden from meddling in the greatest acts of this final age of the world, the Last Shadow does not stand idle nor long alone. Well equipped with his trademark smile and incorrigible sense of humor, Jace is willing to meet the looming End alone if he must, but then that’s never been his lot, even in the darkest days of his service to the Shadow.

You’ll find a more detailed and serious account of the last days recorded elsewhere in the Chronicles of the Brethren, whereas this tale is told from the perspective of the most irascible of all Shadows with his usual combination of levity, impetuosity, and boldness and a generous dose of the ridiculous and absurd thrown in for good measure. Join Jace and his friends for one last lark in the world as we currently know it, ere the curtain falls and something far more grand begins.

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