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Grift and Shadow

Length: 508 pages7 hours


Stealing from the largest security firm in the Rupt World was the easy part. Now, Bogdan and his team of career criminals, including two dragons (Hank and Peggy), a shape shifter (Will), and a non-human weapons expert (Sparks), will all have to put their grifting skills to the test as they pull the most dangerous con of all – double-crossing Isabel Bryxur, a red-headed terrorist who has a penchant for torture and dismemberment.

Bogdan and his team have to contend with more than just setting up a simple double-cross. Monique Chase, a reporter with cybernetic Fleshwire enhancements, has blackmailed her way onto Bogdan’s team. She has threatened to expose their secrets to Bryxur if they don’t help her find answers. To make matters worse, Bryxur has an unknown source giving her vital and often highly classified information about how to break into secure locations. No one knows what other secrets the unknown source may know, which has everyone on edge.

Follow along as Monique, Bogdan, and the team traipse through the Rupt World to uncover the identity of Bryxur’s source. Watch as they put the pieces in place to try to catch Bryxur by surprise. As Bogdan’s plans start to unravel, can he and his team avoid torture and dismemberment, let alone what Bryxur’s unknown source is planning?

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