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From Struggling to Charitable: 111 Steps to Mastering Money

Length: 230 pages3 hours



Most people fail to understand the broad spectrum that money encompasses. Money isn’t limited only to being the coins, the notes in your wallet and the numbers in your bank account. In truth, money is much bigger than just being the commodity we exchange and receive goods for on a daily basis.

Debt, interest, credit, lending, investing, borrowing, gambling, benefits, retirement, charity and time are all aspects of money which are intertwined. When most people transact, they don’t realise the implications a single transaction can have on the other aspects in this fragile chain.

Not necessarily a consequence of lack of money, in most cases failure to manage all aspects of money holistically induces financial ruin. Continuation of similar actions results in bad habits that can cause a chain reaction of (financial) disasters, which may lead to chronic financial problems.

The journey ‘From Struggling to Charitable’ addresses this topic very effectively by motivating you to make informed and life-changing decisions through thought-provoking tales. Inspiration is given by historical events which anyone can learn from and still replicate today.

The ‘111 Steps to Mastering Money’ details with precision the descriptions of various money aspects. Once sensitised to all of them, your financial wisdom will expand and with the steps applied, money becomes your own servant, working and earning you more thereby making you a great personal fortune.

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