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Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book Ten: Otlangon

Length: 512 pages8 hours


“Be careful what you wish for especially with the amount of Power we hold.”

It’s a lesson Kerrisha has tried to impart to Kerreth since she began teaching him about the Power when they were first reunited in Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book One: The Beginning and they have both experienced the consequences of a misplaced wish more than once in the time since.

Recovering from the attack on herself and her home, the Resolution of Dreland Tower’s problems,
and a quickly planned wedding. All within little more than a month after their return from Tinotchan, Kerrisha is silently wishing things would slow down.

Then a Celebration at the secret complex, Otlangon Organization, culminates in an unexpected battle and her wish is granted:

“In the blink of an eye, less than a moon cycle from now but a lifetime away.”

Further from home and all that she knows than even Kerrisha could ever have imagined with only Edwere at her side for protection until they can make it back to Kerreth... Will Edwere make a choice that goes against all he believes about the honor of a Tesha to protect her?

Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature situations, violence, and possible trigger scenes.

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