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Dialectics teaches the rules, procedures, and codes used by a
technologically advanced overseer, or god, to write a program for Earth
and its inhabitants.
According to Johnsen, this program was designed to last for two thousand
seven hundred and seven years, beginning in 687 BC and ending in 2020.
The aim of Dialectics is to prove the existence of a Master Programmer
through intelligently designed puzzles.
Dialectics demonstrates how the speed of light, Planck’s constant, and
a formula for anti gravity determine the rotation and position of the
Earth and its surrounding planets. It shows the simultaneous planning
of the Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic calendar reforms before 378 BC,
the planned height and fall of the Roman Empire, the entanglement
of emperors living 700 years apart, a Christian conspiracy headed by
Dante, and the identity of Shakespeare. These and many more startling
revelations are found in Dialectics, including the 1929 stock market
crash, the 911 attack of the twin towers, and the economic meltdown
of 2008. By proving the existence of God and his (or her) continuous
interaction with people and events of this world, Dialectics gives the
Darwinists some viable competition.
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