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Josiah - The Day of Fate: Josiah, #3

Length: 104 pages1 hour


Accidental death or murder?  There is a fine line that separates the two.  One side of the line says that fate is at work and it was God’s will that played out in tragedy.  The other side, an evil man caused the loss of someone’s loved one.   Or, could it be both?

Love, joy, excitement, learning, sharing, are all present in this story, as well as, hate, confusion, anger, and violence.  Can trying to help someone improve their life cause harm to your own?  Can innocence have tragic results?

Josiah – The Day of Fate will keep you involved as the characters make their way to a united event, the Day of Fate.  Harm will be done.  Loss will occur.  Penalties must be paid.  Confusion, not clarity, will reign that day.  Will there be explanations, or just painfully unanswered questions?

The Day of Fate is the third book in the Josiah series as the main character pushes to pass on his legacy.

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