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Blurb Your Novel: How to Write Book Descriptions For Fiction

Length: 147 pages1 hour


The Blurb: Your Second Most Powerful Marketing Tool!

You’ve written a great story and have the perfect cover for your novel, so why aren’t you getting the sales you deserve? Why are readers looking but not buying?
Maybe you’re shortchanging yourself with a less-than-stellar blurb. Whether you call it cover copy, jacket copy, flap copy, book description, promotional copy, or a blurb, those words are one of the most potent tools in an author’s marketing arsenal.

Blurb Your Novel: How to Write Book Descriptions For Fiction will teach you how to write powerful product descriptions that will convert browsers into buyers!
-Learn the basics of what goes into a compelling blurb
-Identify the best elements for your specific genre
-Learn how to use keywords that appeal to your target audience
-Learn how to make an emotional connection and make more sales!

With plenty of real-life examples, this easy-to-use guide will walk you through the steps you need to create a blurb that will convince readers to buy your book!
Once you’ve mastered the basics, learn how to:
-Shrink your blurb into taglines, loglines, elevator pitches and tweets

-Super-size your blurb for series, anthologies, or boxed sets

Bonus! Learn how to polish your Author Biography to look your best!

Whether you’re publishing a new novel or want to boost sales for an existing one, scroll up and click the Buy Now button to start learning how you can make the most of your blurb!

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