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Calm Surrender: The Unbridled Series, #4

185 pages2 hours


A burden shared is a burden halved…but will its sharp edges destroy them both?

Once loved and sheltered, Kamari Faraday bears her burdens in lonely silence, fending off the unwanted attentions of the powerful man who thinks a lowly half-breed should be his for the taking—the same man who killed her father and forced her mother into hiding.

But now, backed into a corner and at the end of her rope, Kamari takes the biggest risk of her life: trusting handsome, haunted Cassidy Dalton with her secrets. A man whose long-ago touch still warms her memory.

After raising his young son to survive in the mountain wilds, widower Cassidy Dalton reluctantly brings the boy to his sister-in-law’s school in Longchapel. But when he discovers the beautiful schoolteacher shivering with cold and fear in the night, something stirs in the empty space that once held his heart.

Kamari never wanted anyone to fight her battles for her, but as both she and Cassidy face danger—together—raising the ghosts of their pasts could be their only hope. 

“Calm Surrender” is the 4th book in Sandra E. Sinclair’s “Unbridled” historical, western romance series—where the female are all strong, capable and sassy, but most of all…unbridled. If you like escaping into bygone days when the west was wild and women wore big dresses, you will love the “Unbridled” series. 

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