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Jewish Prayers to an Evolutionary God: Science In the Siddur

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Why do we pray? On the one hand, prayer offers us a way to meditate on the knowledge of God and have intimate interaction with a personal creator. And for many Jews, it offers a sense of community and fulfils a need for daily connection with a venerable tradition and language. Yet for many modern Jews, prayer is at best old fashioned—or at worst, no longer necessary. In Jewish Prayers to an Evolutionary God: Science in the Siddur, author Dr. Joel Rutman provides a new way of understanding the existing language of Jewish prayer, and he integrates science with Jewish liturgy—all the while striving to preserve the passion that makes prayer matter. The aim is to enable Jews to daven (pray) with kavanna (intent), trusting that science will not pull the rug out from under their prayer. The poems also continue the ancient tradition of hazzanim (cantors) who author new prayer-poems.

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